The National Scholarship Awards is funded through generous donations of love from Sounds of Praise districts, local church ministries, individual members, and friends/supporters of the Sounds of Praise.

“Excellence in Education, Ministry, and Service”

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International Director of Christian Education


Grace and Peace in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In 2016, God has blessed us to bring to full fruition the Nathaniel Simmons L.I.F.E. Institute Inaugural Leadership Conference—held in both the northern and southern regions. We have also reinstituted the Sounds of Praise National Scholarship Awards Program.  Both ministerial initiatives enable us to bring glory to God by equipping current and prospective leaders for Kingdom work and preparing our youth for academia.  Essentially, we are creating an academic pipeline to encourage our youth to become students of Christian Education and church leaders of tomorrow.

Our departmental goals are aligned with those of our Most Gracious visionary and the leader’s leader, Chief Apostle Allen H. Simmons, DD.  Members of our department have a plethora of skills, talents, and expertise. Most importantly, they have a passion for souls, knowledge, and serving in excellence.  To that end, we would like every Sounds of Praise church ministry to become our Dollars for Scholars & Coins for College Donor by sowing a $100 seed.  We also welcome contributions from SOP districts, individual members, and friends/supporters of the Sounds of Praise. All proceeds benefit SOP college students.  Please secuhttp://paypa.lme/sopkfinance rely sow your seed here via PayPal.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, then kindly connect with us.  Thank you in advance for your ongoing support. May the peace of the Lord rest upon you and your household. We hope to see you at the next conference!

Abundant blessings,