The National Scholarship Awards is funded through generous donations of love from Sounds of Praise districts, local church ministries, individual members, and friends/supporters of the Sounds of Praise.

“Excellence in Education, Ministry, and Service”

From the Chairlady of the National Scholarship Program…

Greetings Scholars and Parents/Guardians,

We are back in business and ready to serve! Firstly, we thank you for visiting our web page for the Sounds of Praise National Scholarship Program. It is our ultimate goal to a) provide a support system for college/college bound students and b) serve as a vehicle for financial assistance and resources. Speaking of goal

  • What are your academic goals?
  • Have you mapped out an academic plan for the coming months? Next year? What about five years from now?
  • How far along are you with your college admissions process (i.e. SAT/ACT, application submission, college visits, etc.)?
  • Have you applied for both federal and state financial aid? Scholarships?
  • Have you researched majors and careers?
  •  Have you tapped into one of our most underutilized resource—SOP college students and graduates?

As you transition from secondary to higher education, there will be so much to consider.  However, you are not alone because we are gladly available to assist you.  Members of the SOP Education Department have college degrees in both Christian and/or secular education.  Additionally, did you know that many of our departmental members work in the field of education?  Yes, it is true.

Lastly, we sincerely hope you will apply for the Sounds of Praise National Scholarship.  Also, we invite you to bookmark and explore our website for valuable college resources and forthcoming SOP youth highlights. We also solicit your prayers, financial support, and feedback. Together, let us purposefully commit to achieveExcellence in Education, Ministry, and Service.”


Thank you.  May God bless you phenomenally!

Peace & Love,

Casandra Y. Clarke

Sister Casandra Y. Clarke, MA, MPA, LMT